The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical research is increasing. In some recent studies, advanced computer algorithms are used to determine why we age.

Why do we get older?

Of course, the clock will always keep ticking, but why do our bodies change, why do we become wrinkled and weak? The question is so obvious that it may be surprising to hear that the answer from science is somewhat unclear. Some researchers have suggested that aging is due to the body accumulating damage and destruction over the years and getting worn out like a pair of old sneakers, while others believe it is a biologically programmed process that plays an evolutionary role, like childhood and puberty. The two approaches reflect the old contradiction in terms of nature and care, but both camps agree that stem cells are central to the process.

Adult stem cells are immature cells whose function is to replace damaged or dead cells with new fresh cells.

This is done by the cells undergoing a so-called asymmetric cell division, where one daughter cell matures into a functional cell ready to perform its healing function in the body, while the other daughter cell retains its status as a stem cell. The asymmetry is thus critical to maintaining the regenerative potential; if both cells after division become functional cell types, such as blood or skin cells, there is no one left to create new cells in the future.

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